Being at the top can often be very solitary journey. It requires constantly playing chess with oneself. One’s professional, emotional, social context might not have the optimal mind-ventilation.

This session is vital for those in high-stress, high-performance roles.

So what does One-on-One Training do. We provide you with a resource person who helps facilitate your thinking process:

Catharsis: Trained in deep-listening, she listens to you patiently and deeply. Let all your ideas be expressed. Then, gives you a concise understanding of your thought-process by non-judgmentally summarizing your stream of consciousness.

  • Balanced Decision-Making: This kind of communication ensures a better perspective on all the aspects. This prevents any urgent-impulsive decision-making tendency
  • It ensures emotional well-being by releasing emotional-distress.
  • It also ensures an equanimity and inner-peace.
  • It empowers you to the vantage point of self-observation and objectivity.

Stress-Management: This session eases out the pent-up stress. This is followed by 15 minutes of guided mindfulness exercise.

High professional ethics and secrecy is maintained by the Resource-person.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hrs