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Self-Love Video-Course

This is Charnita, the founder of Perfect Life Spot. I am excited to invite you to join me on my online course on How to Love Yourself, No matter what!

This is a practical, up-close and personal peep into my journey of self-transformation from a shy, mute, invisible girl to a happy, fearless and passionate individual who has the courage and tenderness to follow her truth and spread love along the way… This is pretty much the most intimate, I have ever been on a course. This will be like one-on-one personal, warm and hug-filled rites of passage into Self-Love. Make sure you enroll right away and begin this awesome journey with me, but more importantly with your own self!

Estimated Course Duration: 1 Week

Contribution for the course:  9000 INR

More details about the course

What happens once you start a journey towards Self-Love?

You experience a tangible shift in your (previously automatic) thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour. You start to realize your power and learn to ‘embrace’ that:


  • Each choice has a consequence: Expansion or Contraction. When you choose to act from self-doubt and shame, you ill-treat yourself. When you choose from wholeness and worthiness, you honour yourself.
  • You live from a space of unconditional self-acceptance rather than a constant need for external validation.
  • You let go of unnecessary struggle in relationships. You trust your worth and remain proactive and positively committed towards your self-realization.
  • You live from fullness rather than fear. You forgive yourself for your past choices.
  • You simply choose to face your fears and speak your truth (even if that freaks you out).
  • You CHOOSE to be no one’s enemy or victim.
  • You know when to say a ‘yes’ and when to say a ‘no’. You know how to receive no with grace without taking it personally and still walk your path.
  • You take your power back and (amusingly) wonder why you gave it away in the first place!
  • And, most importantly, you stop feeding parasitic people, behaviour or thoughts.

So here you are on this page! You have a CHOICE.

Taking this course will be saying YES to EXPANSION! YOU will enrich your life with more love, happiness, and abundance, unapologetically.

This 9-part Self-Love Course is a bold invitation to YOU to allow a greater version of YOU to unfold!

Are you ready to ALLOW the MIRACLE that you are?

Are you WILLING to TAKE this leap of faith?

Willingness is all you need at this step.

Are YOU ready to switch from LACK to LOVE?

Why do you need a mentor for Self-Love?

No amount of random browsing or information collection can get you there. They motivate you in a good direction, but after some time, that random pool of information loses its momentum & relevance. When there are no results, any kind of self-work feels overwhelming & hopeless!

How do I know this? Because I have been there.

Life-transforming events are always inside-out. There are neither any cheat-codes nor short-cuts. And yet, having the presence of a mentor who has herself taken the journey, who is there to care, support and intentionally empower you, makes all the difference in the world!

This Self-Love course contains transformative insights which have emerged from my personal and professional experience of Life from:

  • Having taken full responsibility for my own life as a girl who has born and brought up in India; where audibility, visibility, and individuality in a woman, can still be a threat to the patriarchal structure of things. And, muteness, silence, and obedience are still some of the definers of feminine attractiveness. My story at YOUR STORY. Watch a video here
  • As the founder of Perfect Life Spot (PLS), with over 8 years of research and active mentoring of thousands of individuals in their journey towards emotional wellbeing. Why did PLS take birth?  Watch our 3-min video here

Self-Love is a practice for life. It needs awareness, intention, and skills. Its curriculum requires us to learn to choose to be kind to ourselves, moment after moment even in life’s most unexpected situations. There is no ‘magic-wand’ for this, but this needs mindful self-work. It will change your relationship with yourself and consequently, you will notice that the way you hold yourself in the outside world has completely transformed.

What a journey it has been for me! You need not spend as much time as I did to learn about Self-Love! You can access all the insights, tools and a lot of extraordinary personal disclosures in this online program. I have never dared to share the (personal part) anywhere before, but I think it is important to show the world our true selves and share our true stories. Why? So that we learn to believe in Miracles but don’t wait for them, rather work for them.

Course Structure 

This video course is structured as a one-on-one mentoring program in the form of 9 mini-videos. The first two videos are an intimate disclosure of my own journey into self-acceptance and self-trust. And, the remaining seven videos share with you the complete path from Lack to Love.

Each Video is accompanied by a Reflection Worksheet to give you a precise yet practical space to understand and assimilate each topic. It will help you come closer to yourself:

By providing you tried and tested processes on how to take care of your inner narrative and to RECLAIM your agency to ACT from an INNER PLACE of TRUST, CHOICE & POWER.

Intended Experiential Outcomes

  • Release yourself from the curse of not feeling enough.
  • Release yourself from your outdated/dysfunctional self-image that might be keeping you stuck in a life of dissatisfaction, fear, and unworthiness.
  • Understanding how your childhood has shaped your self-talk.
  • Clarity around your mind-life. Reclaim your self-connection.
  • Awareness around why you settle for a price lesser than what you are worthy of.
  • Empowerment in terms of skills and tools to re-design your life & break-free from pain-causing patterns.
  • Taking full ownership of your life from now on.
  • Learning how to change your inner-dialogue
  • Learning how to love and reparent ourselves by releasing your unworthiness wound

You are powerful beyond measure. I am eagerly waiting to begin this life-transforming journey with you! Are you Ready?


Authenticity Master Class

Growing up as children in the world of adults, we all made certain survival adaptations to be liked and admired by those around us. This was our way to ensure that we are loved. Some of us learned to manipulate our inner world of feelings and thoughts to be liked by others. (So, this like-me syndrome is much older than Facebook.) These adaptations had some function growing up. It helped us ‘win’ the approval and conditional affection of those around us. However, it also made us dependent on the external world for our self-esteem, confidence, and validation. Basically, we learned to become powerless. We learned to systematically give away our power to the outside world.

Estimated Course Duration: 1 day

Contribution for the course:  3000 INR

More details about the course

Does this ring an echo with you?  

Do you feel nervous when saying a ‘No’ to someone?

Do you often say ‘Maybe’ instead of a clear No?

Do you tend to share your opinions only when they don’t contradict others?

Do you choose vagueness over unapologetic clarity?

Do you often apologize without any rhyme or reason?

Do you feel alert and unable to relax around others?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of these questions then, it means that you have learned to wear masks in order to fit-in.

This can also be understood as a people-pleasing syndrome or the good-girl or good-boy syndrome. You know what? This comes at a very heavy cost. The cost is self-disconnection.  

What does self-disconnection do to us? It makes us confused about our inner-reality. The fear of being disliked by others makes us tune-out from our inner world of needs and feelings. As a result, we find it very hard to make important choices around career, relationship, and finances without having external approval. Do you relate? Well, this is a brief summary of many lives (including mine)! 

So, you are not alone here. I promise 😉

In this course, you receive two videos:

  1. The Bonus Video is titled: ‘How to Connect with you Yourself‘ This is a direct response to the challenge of self-disconnection.
  2. In the Authenticity masterclass, I bring to you 3 simple steps on ‘How to Be Authentic‘.

These offerings come from my own experience as a highly sensitive individual learning to grow up in a very interesting hyper-masculine external framework of Northern India. And, with over 10 years of experience in the field of emotional wellbeing as the founder of Perfect Life Spot and a leading expert in the field of emotional health and mindfulness.

Estimated Course Duration: 1 day

Contribution for the course:  2000 INR


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Dec 22, Sunday, 11:30 - 2:00 PM

Transitioning Meaningfully into 2020 • Delhi

An opportunity to experience clarity, insight, catharsis, mourning and celebration from this year; and gently, lovingly and positively prepare for the new year.

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