Sessions on Emotional Mindfulness for Faculty development


“Learning is not just an intellectual process but also a highly emotional one” believes Ms. Charnita Arora.  There is a foundational flaw in how most of our educational institutions function. They often ignore the emotional aspect of learning-environments, by reducing it only to the intellectual realm.

Ms Arora facilitates sessions on ‘Creating Emotionally Mindful Classrooms.’ These sessions are vital for educational institutions that are looking to transform their classrooms into inclusive and emotionally-safe spaces.  These spaces greatly contribute in the process of self actualization and well-being of both teachers and students.

  • The workshops conducted in colleges are a conscious attempt towards creating spaces where the students feel connected, safe, empowered, engaged and cared for.
  • The vision is to impart an education which is life-relevant and leads towards self-actualization while being sensitive to the needs of and well-being of the students.
  • The workshops involve participation of both the teachers and the students. The teachers are equipped with tools of non-violent communication.
  • There are specifically customized sessions for both teachers and students.
  • This concept of education is founded on the principles of humanism, inclusion, acceptance and recognition of the limitless possibilities within each individual, it becomes a space for miracle works.
  • The aim of these workshops is to make the students aware of their own capability, which leads to the realization, that the inspiration and guidance they are looking for lies within them.
  • Duration:  Minimum 1.5 hr

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

–Nelson Mandela.

When mindful education shall result in the self-affirmative transformation of the self,  the entire society would change for better.


Emotional Intelligence Workshops

While we spend so many years developing our left (reasoning) brain, have we developed our emotional-skills sufficiently?

Sometimes a sense of blue, sometimes a flash of impulsive red, sometimes that placid green and at times a deluge into that happy yellow…Emotions Matter!

They impact:

  • our relationships and their happiness,
  • our success in career and intellectual pursuits,
  • our every-day positive mood-cycles,
  • our overall mind & body health

This session shall empower you with emotional-skills and strategies for more inner-peace and resilience.

The intention of this session is to experientially awaken you to the answers of the following questions:

How do you feel for most part of an average day?
Do you feel emotionally-skilled?
What is your strategy to cope with difficult emotions?
Are you able to recognize what triggers or enrages you?
Do you know how to shift the way you feel?
How do you want to feel?
How do you heal yourself?

Duration: 2hrs

Intended audience: Separate sessions for students and faculty members.