Weekly workshops

Weekly empathy group where 5-6 people come to just share what is going on in their life, we create a space where they can be emotionally safe and open their heart and be vulnerable, they are free to go wherever they want, eat something, share their belongingness.

Mindfulness sessions, awareness training focusing on trying and learning the skill of being in the present. It’s about clearing our minds, looking at a singular moment and uplifting the silence between thoughts.

Other activities, such as morning meditation and concert of silence (inspired by a French movie called Green Beautiful).

Upcoming Events

Dec 22, Sunday, 11:30 - 2:00 PM

Transitioning Meaningfully into 2020 • Delhi

An opportunity to experience clarity, insight, catharsis, mourning and celebration from this year; and gently, lovingly and positively prepare for the new year.

Contribution: 2500 INR


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