True presence

60 mins/week | For a Life of Clarity, Joy and Contentment

True Presence

The process of transformation

Holistic Life Re-Design

How we will be achieving our core objective

Your Emotional Well-Being

Our core objective or intention in your life

Why attend True Presence sessions?



An extraordinary process of transforming one’s awareness to become more perceptive, clear, and objective


Developed by Charnita, True Presence is a very rare form of deep witnessing of your inner-world. This modality converges the skills of NVC, Emotional Intelligence and the wisdom of Mindfulness. In a world of distraction, it is an extremely powerful tool to reclaim your connection with Life by redoing your mind-body and breathing habits.

A Seed Session

1 True Presence session

  • Assess priority areas to nurture the Seed of Life in you
  • Experience the Clarity of being witnessed in an emotionally safe, non-judgmental and proactive way



The Sapling Package

4 True Presence sessions

  • Developing Awareness of your Needs and Feelings
  • Identifying your ongoing- habits and patterns 
  • Learning to See your Inner-Child
  • Nurturing Self-Love
  • Integrating the Insights with an Action plan


The Tree Package

6 True Presence sessions

  • Deepening Awareness of your Needs and Feelings
  • Learning to Release unnecessary Control
  • Deepening your Relaxation and Self-Love
  • Developing Healthy Boundaries
  • Strengthening Emotional Resilience

True Presence

1. Receiving

Free Self-Expression

I listen to you with my complete presence. Listening to you deeply, holding space for your internal narrative, ideas, and struggles without any judgment whatsoever

2. Holding Space

Active Empathy

To give attention and nurturing to those aspects/parts of you that are needing to breathe and express

3. Showing

An Open Playground for Insights, Realization & Shifts

Then, with the help of Non-Violent Communication (NVC, a technique of communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg), I reflect back to you what I heard. Ask questions based on how I see it. Sometimes, also via resources such as media, online/offline interactions, games, and other activities.

4. Becoming whole again

Acknowledgment and Integration, the Metaphor of Kintsugi

And finally, as a team, we try to compassionately explore how to recuperate those areas of your wellbeing that need loving, grieving/ mourning, healing, reassurance or/and growing.

Upcoming Events

April 2021

The Mindfulness Community

This is an exclusive, members-only, silent group for mindfulness awareness-training. This 4-week program is intended to help you become more mindful, clear, and empowered within yourself. It comes with the theory and practicals of mindfulness for beginners. Once you complete this, you will be invited for a Zoom get-together to reinforce your learnings. It also comes with many other practical benefits. Watch the reviews of previous months' participants here.


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