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For Beginners in Plain English

In a world where immediacy, over-stimulation and distraction have become the norm, this pocket-booklet simply hopes to bring you back to your breath. It aims to politely disrupt the norm and bring you buckets-full of nourishing breaths for more inner-space, equanimity and joy.

We have never been more connected, and yet we have never been more alone. Why is it so? This booklet that you are reading aims to encourage you, to restore that essential connection within yourself.

It engages in awareness-training in a very simple and practical way. These insights on mind-management shall initiate you into more inner-peace, equanimity and happiness.


Self-Reflection Journal

121 Journal Prompts for a Mindful Life

So much happens each day that goes unprocessed. So many miracles and disasters go unnoticed and ‘un-understood’. Where do these undigested moments go? Like colorful balloons of Life, they invisibly float here and there, waiting to be seen, held, felt and integrated. They need a mindful pause so that they can be a part of you. Pause is indeed an unacknowledged need of ours.

The Self-Reflection journal is an invitation to step out of the social treadmill, slow down and consciously re-focus on what is really important in your life. With these life-coaching prompts experience a more integrated relationship with yourself.

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Wiseheart Whispers

On Love, Life and Happiness

Wiseheart Whispers is an illustrated book of sutras on different aspects of being alive. It encompasses themes such as existence, nature, desire, destiny, purpose, emotions, relationships, past choices, vulnerability, healing, beauty, creativity, gratitude, love and so on.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 6, 2023 • Stadshallen, Lund, Sweden

Coming Back Home to Yourself

Life events such as health, relationships, and career-related challenges can sometimes interrupt our self-connection. This can cause deep alienation, and fragmentation and can take away the juice of life. So, we must have strategies in our toolbox that help us to reconnect with ourselves. 

You are welcome to experience this 90-minute mindfulness-based relaxation experience at Stadshallen, Lund. The facilitator, Charnita Arora, skillfully converges mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and somatics to have the participants receive a ‘felt’ sense of safety and re-connection within their bodies.

This session is for anyone looking to experience peace of mind, deep relaxation, and wellness through a guided mindfulness experience. If someone often finds themselves overthinking, anxious, and restless, this session is a perfect gift of inner stability. It is a treat for those who are inspired to strengthen inner resilience amidst external challenges.  Click here to watch a short video to know more about the event.

In the past, participants have confirmed benefits such as: 

  • a renewed sense of hope and aliveness
  • enhanced mental clarity and resilience
  • improved sleep quality and rest
  • reduced stress levels and overall wellness.

Date and Time: 6th May, Saturday, 11 am to 1 pm

Event Ticket: 600 SEK


Adelgatan 13, 1002
22350 Lund SWEDEN

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Near GTB Nagar Metro Exit 3
New Delhi 110009 INDIA

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