How does Mindlessness affect us emotionally?

When our mind is not present, then we easily feel:

  •      Irritated
  •      Hurt
  •      Hurtful
  •      Violated
  •      Impulsive
  •      Frustrated
  •      Stressed
  •      Nervous
  •      Choice-less
  •      Angry
  •      Or/& Overwhelmed


This is because we are unable to pay sufficient attention to the events outside of us. Our awareness shrinks. We look at everything outside of us in immediate relation to us. We tend to interpret every word, gesture and event (that might not have any reference to us) in a very personal way.  This causes us unnecessary negative stimulation and pain.

We get easily provoked, because we are unable to notice what disrupts our inner-space.  Our body responds to it by quickening our breath. Our breath and thought-pace becomes so fast that we are not able to sufficiently decode the cause and effect equation.  This speedy tumult brings along an artificial sense of urgency.  It often leads to reactions and decisions that lead to regrets.

This, of course, is detrimental for our emotional and physical well-being. So, it is crucial to develop the skill of Mindfulness.When we identity with every thought we think, then we are likely to feel overwhelmed in the ever fastening whirlpool of energies, intentions and events.

This is an excerpt from my book titled ‘Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English’  

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