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21 Loving Relationship Reminders for her

This digital product will enable you to show up with grace, dignity, and awareness in your relationship. In this deck, Charnita brings over a decade of wisdom from having coached clients all over the world in emotional wellness, mindfulness, and non-violent communication. This card deck is intended for women in love, who aspire to make their relationship even more conscious, beautiful, and sacred.

These 21 vital reminders come with reflections to transform your relationship into a conscious playground of giving and receiving love. These insights with your self-work will enable you to show up with grace, dignity, and awareness in your relationship.

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“Transform your love life with grace and awareness. Join us today for 21 vital reminders to elevate your relationship into a conscious and beautiful connection.”

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Becoming Friends with Anger!

The aim of this masterclass is to learn to recognize and express anger healthily. Specifically, you will be able to understand the aspects of anger and yourself.


Join a transformative online course for self-love with 9 sessions designed to enhance your relationship with yourself. Complete in 4–5 days, emphasizing self-care.


This Relationship Masterclass includes a kit with a Relationship Assessment Test, Video Course, and Worksheets covering 7 essential points for a healthy romantic relationship.



Apart from her vast educational and practical experience,Charnita possesses the rare gift that sets her apart, hersensitivity and understanding of people. She very comfortablycan break through the clutter and reach the centre of a personwhile providing a safe and non judgemental space fo… See more

– Samya Ghosh

I very often refer to Charnita as “The Wizard”, as she had thismagical ability to see through my emotions and help meeffectively navigate through them. I am deeply grateful that I wasable to locate her and became her client. There is this specialaura about her where you know that everything is fin… See more

– Shreya Gupta

Through her wealth of experiential insights and knowledge,Charnita shares the best tools and resources to unlock one’sgrowth path for living a dream life. Having been associated withher for more than a decade; can vouch for the tremendous help Ihave received in pursuing my journey of personal evo… See more

– Anshuman Mishra

Charnita, the founder of PLS, is one person you have to know before you die. One automatically starts feeling calm and peaceful in her presence. Her non-judgmental attitude makes you first accept yourself the way you are. The desire to then improve/change, just because society does not consider you up to its standards, goes away. What you are left with, instead, is love for yourself and a willingness to grow for the right reasons. I will recommend connecting with her and  attending her online/real-life workshops.

– Hemant Aggarwal

Charnita is a smooth,calm and swift Facilitator and Coach . AnIndividual who loves to work with perfection. She always ensureto engage every individual in the classroom through various Activities & Games and keeps the classroom live. Her approach … See more

– Nav Kishlay

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