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Healing Hearts • November 2023

Healing Hearts – is a monthly online offering, where we meet once a week for up to 2 hours, usually on the weekend. It invites only 8 participants to work with me in a group-coaching format. The space is emotionally safe, rich and intimate. In these 4 extraordinary sessions, we cover as many topics as we can, to expand your emotional resilience, immunity, and capacity to face all of Life.

Registration fee: 250 USD / 235 Euros / 21 000 INR (for 4 weekly sessions)

Book for October 2023

Emotional Literacy 1.0

Emotions run our life. Our capacity to hold and harness big emotions determines the quality of our life. The more we know how to map our inner lives, the better the quality of our outer lives. This online workshop intends to empower you with self-awareness, clarity, and empathy. My intention is to give you practical tools to build an inner capacity to deal with emotionally stressful experiences of daily life. The prices are set very low for this monthly offering to encourage more participation. 

Registrations fee: 15 USD / 12 Euros / 1000 INR

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August, 2023 • Group coaching • Online

Healing Hearts

If you are someone who is sensitive, responsible and committed to giving your best version to yourself and the world, this invite is for you. I invite you to my online coaching container for September, it is called 'Healing Hearts.'

We meet every Sunday for 2 hours for the upcoming month, for emotional-healing through mindful-based practices. This program offers an emotionally safe environment for personal growth, ease, and self-awareness.

You will experience:

1. Experience Emotional Safety: A judgment-free space to express yourself authentically and explore your innermost thoughts and feelings.
2. Cultivate Self-Connection: Discover techniques to deepen self-awareness, strengthen intuition, and build a stronger relationship with yourself.
3. Allow Catharsis and Release: Learn effective ways to release shame, guilt, anxiety and past traumas, freeing yourself from emotional burdens and enabling confidence.
4. Restore Yourself: Reclaim your inner power, rebuild self-esteem, and cultivate self-compassion to create a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Special Offer: Enroll before August 24th to secure the early bird price of just 15,000 INR for the entire program (regular price 21,000 INR). We have only 3 spots left.

Click the link below to register and secure your spot at the early bird price.

Also, if you are a parent, teacher or a leader who wants to design a safe and non-judgmental space for deep connection within the members of your family/work; this 4-week container will open a wealth of practices, ideas and skills for you. It is created for men and women who are inspired to master their inner life of emotions and feelings, live with self-responsibility and lead by example.


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