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Charnita Arora is India’s leading Mindfulness Expert, Wellbeing Author, a TEDx Speaker, Cambridge Scholar, DU Gold Medalist, Former Assistant Professor and the founder of Perfect Life Spot.  She has trained thousands of professionals in Mindfulness, EI (Emotional Intelligence) and Non-Violent Communication. Her book Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English has received worldwide recognition as a succinct manual for everyday mindfulness. Her own training comes from having attended courses with HH Dalai Lama and Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Her articles can be relished on Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Yahoo, TheHealthSite, Business world, and so on. Her bite on Digital Mindfulness (on NDTV) is a must-watch. She was awarded as the winner of Science Slam by the German House of Research and Innovation, for her research on ‘the Socio-Psychological impact of Facebook on our lives’. In 2017, Women’s Economic Forum awarded her as the Youth Icon of the Year for her inspiring work in the area of holistic wellbeing.

My story

My journey began as an Assistant Professor of English at Delhi University. I remember, sitting in the staff-room, looking at the prescribed textbooks, remembering the faces of my students and wondering how can I make my classroom interactions more life-relevant & fun for my students? I wanted our lecture to be worth their time and worth my potential.

Or, may be, the seeds of my journey were planted much before that! It goes back to when I was in school, a withdrawn backbencher. During lectures, I used to doodle myself into thinking: ‘how are these lectures useful for me?’ At other times, I took copious notes from the ‘outside the syllabus’ personal, yet life-relevant conversations that a teacher sometimes softens into sharing. That felt like real education to me, for it seemed to teach me about life and relationships.

Or may be, my journey began, when I was told that I was “too sensitive” for the “real” world.

Later, I realized that we come from a shared context of emotional neglect and suppression, where emotional literacy (recognising & understanding emotions) was not considered important. And so, I thought of creating a new space, ‘a Perfect Life Spot’ for the misfits like me; a place where one can be and belong. This unbelievably passionate need of mine, helped me create an emotionally-nourishing community, Perfect Life Spot (PLS). PLS provides life-transforming emotional-skills to students and professionals in an emotionally safe and mindfully-designed classroom. Since 2011, we have trained over 10,000 students and 150 teachers with these pedagogical techniques.

And most gratefully, it has nurtured me with skills which help me stand tall in the face of any challenge. It is all about empowerment.

I was, and I still am passionate for personal Renaissance; I am constantly seeking ways for becoming a better version of me. And, passionate about sharing these skills with you!

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Charnita is also a former Assistant Professor of English, a TEDx Speaker, an Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Berlin, Germany), a Delhi University Gold Medalist, DWIH Science Slam Winner and so on.

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Goodness without mindfulness is a weakness.

Charnita Arora

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Sunday, October 30, 2022 

Mindfulness Tea Meditation

Experience how a delightful cup of chai can engage your senses into inner calm, harmony, and joy. First time in Lund!

In this guided experience, the mindfulness author and TEDx speaker Charnita leads you into a calming self-connection in the warmth of her home through the taste of her masala chai. She will share with you the joy of a secret inter-generational chai recipe, which will leave you mesmerized and spacious. The chai is vegan and has an extraordinary blend of cardamom, handpicked black tea leaves from India, and loving intentions. This event is focused on bringing you to the present moment with the help of this mindful ritual.

The event is open on request for individuals, families, and organizations. The duration of the event is between 1.5 to 2 hours. There are no cancellation refunds unless the event is canceled by the admin due to unforeseen reasons.

Participation fee: 600 SEK 


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