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I (Charnita Arora, the Founder of PLS) wholeheartedly offer my True Presence in order to allow my clients to share their heart with me. I don’t offer any psychiatric intervention but self development through enhancing emotional intelligence, self-inquiry and cultivating Self-Love. 

Cost Structure:

I have opted different cost structure for my clients. I do offer compassionate discounts to such as students or individuals who couldn’t afford to pay the full amount of consultation fees.

Social Media Engagement:

I engage with social media (twitter, facebook, Instagram, youtube, Moodle, Ruzuku etc.) to reach my audience and share my personal experiences and bring about a positive change in the society through your viewers. I mindfully choose and share contents (posts, videos and pictures etc.) on social media for this intention. 

Affiliated Websites: 

This website contains links to: www.amazon.com  to buy my books; www.charnita.com/moodle  to access my online courses; and www.instanojo.com to pay to attend various events/course. 

Personal Data Protection:

Data such about socio-demographic information is collected with an intention to know about the client. The data will not be shared with anyone. The data is mindfully protected and compassionately safe.  

Main Websites in Operation:

www.perfectlifespot.com, www.charnita.com, www.charnita.com/moodle, www.getwiseheart.com 


Love and peace,

Charnita Arora


Version of the document : 1 January 2020, v1.0


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